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The Cosmic Shop is a creative space at 8,750 feet elevation in Telluride, Colorado offering a deep sense of interconnectivity, insightful cosmic context, organization, purpose, power, and prosperity brought to you by Natasha Hennessy, M.S.  As a Persian-American, no.2 of 7 siblings, moon lover, mystical mama and devoted partner, friend and family member, she offers a positive perspective, decades of rich experience in social and organizational learning, personal development, health, wellness, community, and entrepreneurship.  Utilizing the original and ancient tools of Astrology, Yoga, Ayurveda and Energy Medicine, she provides informed, compassionate guidance for dedicated clients to actualize elevated existence, lifestyle and a completely conscious and uber productive life.


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Your guidance has been so helpful to me in finding CLARITY about what I want to offer and why and the ORGANIZATION and DETERMINATION to manifest ideas into action. Your TRUST in me has encouraged me to trust in myself and also in what the universe places in my path. I could never have imagined when I first walked into your studio as a newbie yoga student 10 years ago, the path that I would be on now and how it would change and form my life. Your mentorship and guidance have meant so much to me. I think these qualities have been valuable to me and to everyone who has trained with and worked with you.
— Chris Howell, RYT-500